Rat Sound Invests In RCF Subwoofers

May 9, 2013

Rat Sound, located in Camarillo, CA recently purchased 16 RCF TTS56-A powered subwoofers for their expansive rental inventory.

“We’ve been seeing an increase in client demand for a 21-inch based subwoofer product capable of reproducing very high SPL levels at very low frequencies,” explains Dave Rat, owner of Rat Sound. “After some testing we found that the RCF TTS56’s self powered design, high output levels and competitive price point were an excellent solution to fill that demand.”

The testing showed that each RCF TTS56-A produced distinctly more output than any two dual 18-inch based enclosures that are currently available in Rat Sound inventory. The TTS56-A’s also occupy significantly less truck space and offer a lower deployment cost than dual 18-inch enclosures.

“More low end in less space is definitely a strong asset,” Rat adds. “Add to that the simplicity of self-powered plug and play, internal delay control, a cardioid configuration option, an impressive size/weight to SPL output ratio and you get a very useful extended LF subwoofer solution.”

Rat Sound utilized all 16 TTS56-A subs at the 3-day/2-weekend Coachella festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. Responsible for providing audio for six stages at the festival, the crew opted to deploy the subs at the newest edition to Coachella, the YUMA tent.

Home to almost non-stop Electronic Dance Music (EDM), the nightclub-like space provided the only fully enclosed, air conditioned performance venue at the fest.

“We needed something that would allow us to achieve a sonic impact that differentiated from the low frequency offered at the numerous other stages,” says Rat. “Putting 16 of those RCF subs in that tent created enough low frequency sound to literally blur your vision and create a completely immersive experience.”

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