Building 429 Tours with dB Technologies and RCF

July 8, 2013

Building 429, a Christian rock band who had Billboard magazine’s #1 Christian song in 2012 with “Where I Belong” and signed to Sony/Essential Records, with their album We Won’t Be Shaken getting a Grammy nomination. They spent their 2013 tour of the U.S. with a full complement of dB Technologies line arrays and RCF subwoofers.

Jackson, Mississippi-based Legend-Seven Productions is providing full production for the Nashville, Tennessee-based band.

“The band needed high quality sound from a box that would provide a lot of flexibility,” explains Darrell Henderson, owner of Legend-Seven Productions. “We’ve been using db Technologies for four years. The DVA T12 powered line array is compact, lightweight, and sounds terrific. It was the perfect solution for this tour.”

Due to the size of most venues and the lightweight and compact boxes, Henderson opted to fly two line arrays — hung left-right — off of super towers for all of the stops on the tour. The production company provides 10 DVA T12 active line array modules along with four stage level RCF TTS56-A subwoofers for low end.

“The system is flexible enough to create the size of array each venue requires,” he adds. “Depending on the room configuration, we often use leftover modules for fill wherever needed.”

The DVA T12 module is a fully powered, three-way unit loaded with one 12″ woofer, two 6.5″ MF horns and a one-inch HF driver. The high performance digital amplifier provides a total of 1,410W of output — with each module capable of 136dB SPL. For added convenience, the incorporated high-end DSP is network ready with an integrated RDNet port.

The TTS56-A subwoofer is loaded with two 21″ neodymium woofers with integrated two-channel digital amplification providing 6,800W of power. Both systems work together flawlessly.
“Even with all of the features, it comes down to how a system sounds,” concludes Henderson. “This system sounds pristine; the band is thrilled with it.”

In summing up his production philosophy, Henderson adds, “We don’t have extensive trucking — small and compact is the way to go.”

Photo: DVA T12 line array hangs behind Building 429 lead vocalist Jason Roy

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